About Me ♡


My name is Lalaine Garcia and I'm the one responsible for running this online shop and business: Lalaineartgeek! I create character art, ranging from fan art to original art, and turn them into merchandise, such as prints, stickers, and keychains. The overall goal for my shop is to make people smile with my character designs and inspire others to follow their own dreams. Right now, I'm just starting out and I thank everyone immensely for the support!

A little bit more about me: I am a 25-year-old illustrator, comic artist, and character designer. I currently live in Florida and graduated from the University of North Florida with a BFA in Fine Arts. I enjoy illustrating lots of character art and creating stories with these characters, as well as developing fan art to sell in the shop and at convention artist alley's! My inspiration draws from numerous animated TV shows/movies, graphic novels, and the work of other artists and illustrators.

Other interests include being with my friends and family, good food (healthy and unhealthy), bubble tea, comfortable fashion, going to new places, and making people laugh (even when I'm not successful).

Thank you for visiting my shop!